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Brian will recommend that, as he had graduated, the tenses on this page be taken with a grain of salt.

Once a FrOsh from BoilerSuite, then a SophoMore in TimeSuck, now the mysterious but quietly bitter upperclassman that lurks in the lounge, playing AngBand on his oh-so-tasty LapTop?. You know the one... coated in delicious rubber for your protection, with a handle for carrying. Soultooth II is dead. I need either a resurrection, or a new laptop. The problem I have with that currently is that it seems practically impossible to find a good laptop with any pointer control other than a touchpad, which I hate. -- IBM's Thinkpads are very nice and have that silly little eraser mouse.

In the fall, he makes a triumphant return to EastDorm, living in BackHall?. You'll know his door as the one with hand-made "I Support" signs, since he lost the ones he'd had previously.

A victim - perhaps one of the first victims - of the infamous Spring 2005 SoapOperaSemester.

Performed in the 2003 RockyHorror? show, and directed in 2004, and sat back as producer and technical manager of the 2005 show. Officially refuses to have any administrative part in it for 2006, as soon as the club gets the goddamn boxes of props out of his closet. He'll hold onto the speakers for the year, though.

Schedule, Spring 2006, according to Portal:

 CSCI 157  Computer Animation                         3.0 Sweedyk       T R   14:45 16:00
 CSCI 131  Programming Languages                      3.0 Marshall     M W    14:45 16:00
 CSCI 184  Computer Science Clinic II                 3.0 Kuenning      T     11:00 11:50
 CLAS 008A Introductory Latin                         3.0 Finklepearl  MTWR   10:00 10:50
 CSCI 196  Computer Science Colloquium                0.0 Erlinger       W    19:00 20:00
 PE    10  CPR, Emergency Response, First Aid         0.0 Katsiaf       T     19:00 22:00
 PE   1.39 Self Defense: Mixed Martial Arts           0.0 Ruediger     M W    18:00 19:00
 PE   1.05 Archery                                    0.0 Town         M W    11:00 12:00
                                            Total:   12.0

Not according to Portal

 CSCI 157  Making Shiny Things                        3.0 Sweedyk       T R   14:45 16:00
 CSCI 131  Abuse of Parentheses                       3.0 Marshall     M W    14:45 16:00
 CSCI 184  Hysterical Panic                           3.0 Kuenning      T     11:00 11:50
 CLAS 008A Chauvinism and Dead Languages              3.0 Finklepearl  MTWR   10:00 10:50
 CSCI 196  Nelson Speaker Series                      0.2 Erlinger       W    19:00 20:00
 PE    10  Red Cross Card Collection                  1.0 Hillegas      T     19:00 22:00
 PE   1.39 Hitting and Being Hit By People            0.3 Ruediger     M W    18:00 19:00
 PE   1.05 Putting Holes in Paper                     1.0 Town         M W F  11:00 12:00
 SO    80S Personal Relationship Seminar (with lab)   6.0             SMTWRFS 00:00 23:59
 JOB  121  Grading LSD                                1.0 Sweedyk      M      20:00 22:00
 JOB  122  Archery Instruction                        1.0 Urbano            S 09:00 12:00
 THTR  69  The Rocky Horror Show                      3.0 Buchanan     MTWR   22:00 23:59
 LIFE 101  Finding an Apartment in Santa Clara        1.0             [To Be Determined]
                                            Total:   26.5

His preferred flavors of crack are AlphaCentauri (having instigated many of the attempts at multiplayer) and AngBand variants, notably ToME. He tends to be bad at FPS, or RTS, or, well, anything that requires fast reaction time and reflexes. The notable exceptions to this tendency are DanceDanceRevolution and SuperMonkeyBall.

As a CrackMonger? and former member of TimeSuck, he has various forms of crack available for lending:



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