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Location: Pittsburgh, PA / Carnegie Mellon University

SuiteMate: another Heather L. J. (not kidding!)

Location: Pasadena, CA

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Current Standing: Masters student (or MuddAlumInDenial??)

Major: Robotics

Current Standing: MuddAlumInDenial??

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Old & Possibly Outdated:

Was at one point after Mudd a Robotics Masters student at CMU in Pittsburgh.

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Old & Possibly Outdated:

Location: Pasadena, CA
Current Standing: MuddAlumInDenial??
Job: She drives a mother fucking robot on mother fucking Mars.

Hometown: Jarrettsville, MD
Favorite Color: PurPle (and the Purple Profile totally describes me, see the PurPle wiki page)
Favorite Music: ClassicRock?
Favorite Band: Boston
Obsessively addicted to TetrisAttack. Also enjoys TacticsOgre and OgreBattle64?, and at one point was playing FinalFantasyTactics and Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls.
Also addicted to Audiosurf when it (or my computer?) is not borken. If you play classic rock music on Audiosurf too, we should be Audiosurf friends so I can finally get those last two personal achievements... :-P
Loves animals, especially guinea pigs and degus.
Currently has one adorable little guinea pig named Erebus. Feel free to stop by and visit him (and me!) if you're ever in Pittsburgh.
Believes in human-animal equality (humans are animals, after all). Therefore thinks animals should be treated with respect (though, of course, we are bound by the laws of the food chain).
Sleeps. Really. Well, sometimes. More accurately, only a little. But does maintain some semblance of a sleep schedule.
Can't think of much more to write here, feel free to add stuff!

Old & Possibly Outdated:

Was at one point after Mudd a Robotics Masters student at CMU in Pittsburgh.

Schedule: Fall 2009

 10-701 CMU Machine Learning                Guestrin M_W__  10:30a-11:50a (Making robots learn...)
 16-720 CMU Computer Vision                 Hebert   M_W__   3:00p- 4:20p (Making robots see...)
 16-811 CMU Math Fundamentals for Robotics  Erdmann  _T_R_   3:00p- 4:20p (Making robots possible...)

Schedule: Spring 2009

 CSCI 196-01 HM Computer Science Colloquium      Sweedyk    ___R_  4:15p- 5:30p GAPRYN
 CSCI 184-01 HM Computer Science Clinic II       Keller     _T___ 11:00a-11:50a GAMCAL
 ENGR 083-01 HM Continuum Mechanics              Bassman    _T_R_  1:15p- 2:30p PA2358
 ENGR 008-01 HM Design Representation & Realiztn King       M_W_F  8:00a- 8:50a GA EDW
 MATH 157-01 HM Intermediate Probability         Martonosi  M_W_F 11:00a-11:50a BKB134
 PSYC 108-01 HM Intro. to Social Psychology      Mashek     _T_F_  9:35a-10:50a PA1285
 LIT  179-01 HM Literary Moonwalkers             Wernimont  M_W__  1:15p- 2:30p PLCFAB

Schedule: Fall 2008

 CSCI 195-01 HM Computer Science Colloquium      O'Neill    ___R_  4:15p- 5:30p GAPRYN
 CSCI 183-01 HM Computer Science Clinic I        Keller     _T___ 11:00a-12:00p BKB126
 CSCI 140-01 HM Algorithms                       Pippenger  _T_R_  2:45p- 4:00p BKB126
 ENGR 151-01 HM Engineering Electronics          Staff...   M_W__ 11:00a-12:15p PA1287
 ENGR 153-01 HM Electronics Laboratory           Baumgaertn M____  2:45p- 5:30p PAB172
 PSYC 140-01 CM Leadership                       Riggio     __W__  1:15p- 4:00p KS 101
 DANC 140-01 PO Composition 1: Movement Explortn Cameron    _T_R_  6:00p- 7:30p PDLSTD
 PE   004-59 PO Hiking/geocaching                Connell    ____F  1:00p- 3:00p RACLAS
 PE   001-31 JP Life Bliss Meditation            Carmichael M_W__  7:00p- 8:00p SCT108
             ?? CSCI 151 Grutoring               Sood       ?????     ? -    ?  ?

Schedule: Spring 2008

 CSCI 194-01 HM Computer Science Colloquium  Sweedyk   ___R_  4:15p- 5:30p GAPRYN
 CSCI 154-01 HM Robotics                     Dodds     _T_R_  9:35a-10:50a BKB126
 CSCI 151-01 HM Artificial Intelligence      Alvarado  M_W__ 11:00a-12:15p JAB134
 ENGR 158-01 HM Intro. to CMOS VLSI Design   Harris,D  _T_R_  2:45p- 4:00p TG 201
 CLAS 133-01 PO Dreams, Omens, and Oracles   Astorga   _T_R_  1:15p- 2:30p CR  04
 PSYC 107-01 PZ Theories of Personality      Vajk      M____  6:30p- 9:20p BH 110
             HM CSCI 131 Grutoring           Stone     _T___  9:00p-11:00p BKB102
             HM ENGR 085 Lab Tutoring        Harris,S U_____  2:00p- 4:00p PAB183

Schedule: Fall 2007

 CSCI 193-01 HM Computer Science Colloquium    O'Neill   ___R_  4:15p- 5:30p GAPRYN (See, I am a CS major!)
 CSCI 131-01 HM Programming Languages          Stone     _T_R_  1:15p- 2:30p JAB132 (How many languages do I know...?)
                                                         __W__  5:45p- 6:35p BKB105 (PL's for dinner...)
 ENGR 085-01 HM Digital Elec/comp Engineering  Harris,D  M_W__ 11:00a-12:15p BKB126 (...And computer chips for snack!)
 ENGR 161-01 HM Comp Image Processing/analysis Wang      M_W_F  9:00a- 9:50a JAB134 (Hmm, how to make all images purple...)
 PSYC 053-01 HM Introduction To Psychology     Mashek    M_W__  1:15p- 2:30p PA1287 (Why are people so hard to understand?)
 RLST 179-01 HM Religion and Film              Solano    _T___  2:45p- 5:30p PA1264 (Yay movie break!)

Schedule: Spring 2007

 CSCI 121-02 PO Software Development         Kampe     _T_R_  1:15p- 2:30p ML 134 (Big coding projects, fun fun.)
 CSCI 081-01 HM Computability and Logic      Keller    M_W__  1:15p- 2:30p PA1285 (Plus half-Ran!)
 MATH 113-01 PO Cryptography                 Kurt      M_W__  2:45p- 4:00p ML 213 (The OTHER kind of code.)
 BIOL 052-04 HM Introduction to Biology      Asai      M_W__ 11:00a-12:15p GAMCAL (I'll like Bio if it's about animals!)
                                                       _T___ 12:15p- 1:05p TG 201 (Almost finished core!)
 THEA 001-02 PO Introduction to Acting       Thomas-S  _T_R_  9:00a-11:00a TE 122 (To be or not to be...)
 ENGR 084-01 HM Elec & Magnetic Circuits/dev Schaffer  M_W__ 10:00a-10:50a GA EDW (Yes, that is non-core engineering.) 

Schedule: Fall 2006 (I was too lazy to add my schedules for freshman year :-P)

 CSCI 105-01 Computer Systems                Kuenning  M_W__  2:45p- 4:00p PA1285 (I AM taking a CS course this semester!)
                                             Kuenning  __W__  8:00p- 9:20p BKB105 (Yay late night CS lab!)
 CSCI 189-01 Programming Practicum           Dodds     _T___  4:15p- 5:30p JAB134 (Is Dodds really as crazy as I've heard?)
 MATH 055-01 Discrete Mathematics            Benjamin  M_W__  1:15p- 2:30p BKB126 (A must for any CS major...)
 ENGR 059-07 Intro to Engineering Systems    Cha       _T_R_  9:35a-10:50a GAMCAL (Not just for engineering majors!)
                                             Staff     ____F 10:00a-10:50a TG 103 (So near to the weekend...)
 PHYS 051-07 Electromagnetic Theory & Optics Lyzenga   _T_R_  8:10a- 9:25a GAMCAL (CS department is better at scheduling...)
                                             Sparks    M_W__ 11:00a-11:50a TG 101 (Sigh, gotta love core...)
 PHYS 053-10 Electricity & Optics Laboratory Saeta     ____F 12:40p- 2:40p JAB115 (Error analysis homework, what's that?)
 SOSC 180-01 Tropical Forests: Policy & Prac Steinberg _T_R_  1:15p- 2:30p PA1264 (Save the rainforests!)

Freshman Year
Location: Suite Insomnia (East 165/163)
SuiteMates?: SarahFletcher & LindsayTice & NancyEisenmenger
Is a FrOsh. PurpleFrosh, to be exact.

From what we can tell from what editing she has done, HeatherJustice is simply the FrOsh who likes PurPle. This could be verified through the Pre-Frosh Forum if it still existed. Or, in fact, by a simple walk into Heather's room, East 165. Or by observation of what she wears.

Sophomore Year
Location: TimeSuckX (East 151/153)
SuiteMates?: SarahFletcher & LindsayTice & NancyEisenmenger
Extension: x72036 (not that I'll remember this myself, of course)
Current Standing: SophoMore
DormOssifer Position: CAP Representative

Junior Year
Location: East 162
Imaginary RoomMate: LindsayTice
Extension: x76614 (not that I'll remember this myself, of course)
Current Standing: JuNior? (ScaryUpperclassman!)
ASHMC Position: Junior Appeals Board Representative

Senior Year
Location: East 127
SuiteMate: SkyeBerghel
Extension: (no longer cares)
Current Standing: SeniorInDenial
Major: ComputerScience (yes, I'm one of those rare female Mudd CS majors)

ASHMC Position: Senior Appeals Board Representative

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