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** If the challenge is in play (no guarantees), it most certainly a NotOnMyNewCouches activity as of 2018.

The MonkeyPuppet won the "dorm playah" award in Spring 2000. Also known as "Giant Monkey" and "Stumpy", this GiantStuffedAnimal was first created by AiyeshaMa for a FunBallParty.

May or may not be related to LeggyBoy.

After the party ended, the MonkeyPuppet spent much of its time in the EastDormLounge, macking on all the honeys.

It's soooo true! -- ChrisPries

Was dismembered, washed, re-stuffed, and reassembled during fall semester 2005, to the amazement of many.

Died between 15:00 and 16:00 on Saturday, 10 October, 2005. Was determined dead because of his advanced state of decomposition. Details of the ongoing investigation have not been released.

After a search of all of East, *deleted* of the *deleted* (*deleted*) and Investigator Quitt of the EDNP (East Dorm Normal Police) found the body of Stumpy in the west upstairs storage room, carefully hidden behind a matress and some boxes. However, Agent Garfinkel (I mean *deleted*) determined that Stumpy had not died, but had in fact gone into a state of hibernation, as everyone knows a giant MonkeyPuppet can do when attacked. Stumpy was brought back into the lounge, where he was repeatedly stabbed in the face by JonathanBeall. Later Jonathan confessed to stabbing Stumpy to "keep him from talking." He has been arrested, and charges are being pressed against him. Stumpy is once more a functioning member of the lounge community. As it turns out, Stumpy was falsely determined dead because the great degree of nast already accumulated on his fur looked remarkably like decomposed Stumpy.

Someone just completed the stumpy challenge, successfully! My god!


In the Spring of 2008, Stumpy was once again retired from service, due to becoming so nasty as to be exiled from the lounge, and then subsequently left outside over all of winter break. Stumpy was dissected, his innards discarded, and his skin washed. Many times. However, no one had the impetus to recreate the beloved tentacle monkey. So, Stumpy's discarded husk was relegated once again to quietly hiding away.

In the fall of 2009, StephanieLevins decided it would be a GoodIdea to bring back Stumpy. Never having seen Stumpy in a disgusting state, her first ill-advised course of action was to turn Stumpy into a Halloween costume. The costume was truly terrifying, causing many juniors and seniors to literally run away in fright. After that, the dorm for some reason decided it would be worthwhile to allocate funds to reanimate Stumpy.

Thus, starting on November 28, 2009, Stumpy once again can terrorize the lounge, and ward away those who would sleep there.


ATTENTION: Please do NOT attempt the StumpyChallenge until 2010. I want him to stay relatively clean for at least a month. That is all. -StephanieLevins

September 27, 2012, 17:08: Given the recent and steadily growing hole in the rear end of Stumpy, PaNts induces Stumpy to complete his own challenge.

September 2014: Stumpy was once again disassembled, washed, and reassembled, on the impetus of DustinKane. He has eyes now too!

October 2016: Stumpy was brought to NutcrackerSuite by CalvinLeung and LilyFriedberg for surgery, renovation, and cuddles. [add photos]

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