Summer research presentation: Alvarado/Kuenning students


research students
Thursday, September 24, 2009
4:15 PM – 5:30 PM
Galileo Pryne

The students who worked on summer research projects with professor Christine Alvarado and professor Gueff Kuenning will discuss their work

Speakers: Josh Ehrlich, Denis Aleshin
Title: Digital Circuit Recognition: Tackling the REALLY Hard Problems
One of the hardest problems in sketch recognition is to determine which strokes should be grouped into individual symbols. Boundaries between shapes are ambiguous and freely-drawn sketches are often quite messy. Most sketch recognition systems ignore this problem by forcing users to draw each symbol in isolation. This summer we tackled the problem of simultaneously grouping and recognizing symbols in freely-drawn digital circuit diagrams. We will present our new grouping and recognition algorithms, and our “refiner” algorithm that attempts to use information from the shape recognizer to guide the process of correcting errors in the initial stroke grouping.

Speakers: Geoff Kuenning, Beky Kotcon, and Bonny Guang.
The SNIA IOTTA File Systems Trace Repository is a single place where researchers can go to download traces for use in studying file systems. This summer, we reorganized and cleaned up the repository, deployed BitTorrent as a download mechanism, posted several new traces, and continued working on a new storage format.