Scripting for All (Disciplines)

"CS for All" is a call to democratize the skillsets, toolsets, and mindsets of computing. Its success will depend on how computing is used and viewed outside communities that already identify with computer science. This project distinguishes how and where computing may yet be of value. Then, we will collaborate with professors and students from as many discipines as possible—with the goal of creating and refining new computing activities for those discplines. 2017 focused on how scripting skills might help in physics, history, environmental engineering, and data science. In 2018 we plan to broaden our collaborations—join us!

Mentor: Professor Zach Dodds

Zach Zach has been a professor at Harvey Mudd since 1999. His general research interests are in computer vision and robotics. In addition to research and teaching, he likes to play in foam pits with his children.

Required Background

This project will leverage—and expand—the backgrounds of the REU participants. Scripting skills, as you might imagine, are central!