A GoodIdea first tested on February 15, 2002 by: CalPierog, KatyPerdue, AlexPopkin?, ConorMcNassar, JulieWortman, StephGrush, NickJohnson, WillShipley, EliBogart, ClayHambrick, MichaelVrable, EvilSouthie, and KatieLewis.

QuantumMafia was devised by EliBogart, MichaelVrable and NickJohnson over one fateful dinner at ClaremontMcKennaCollege with assorted other FroshClone types. The idea was immediately greeted with ShockAndDismay? by most of the rest of the EastDorm organized crime underworld and sufficed to demonstrate that those individuals are even more evil and deranged than was previously apparent.

CalPierog's [Online Implementation of Quantum Mafia]

No support for the "Cal" player job? Shame on you, sir. --JulieWortman

How do i get in on this cool shiznat? AIM me (Squirrelloid) and let me know when the next game is going --NickJohnson

Ping, just a reminder to go sign up for [Quantum Mafia!]

The (revised) rules, as played 2/15:

General overview.

Each player in the game keeps track as God of their own game of Mafia, in which they've appointed all other players to the various positions. The first God whose game ends with a victory for either side wins.


Initially, each player appoints the other players to positions in their game and records them. Players are not informed of their position in any game. Once this is done, a normal day of Mafia beings with the players accusing each other and voting. Since players may or may not be alive in any game, a vote passes when a majority of all players votes to kill. Each god then determines whether that vote was successful in their game and records the result accordingly. All players then go to sleep, but, being omniscient gods, keep their heads up. Each player is then given a chance to point at one other player, and each god records this action, and, at the end of the night, determines the results, which are also not announced. Repeat until someone wins. Claim victory by simply announcing the results and recounting the sequence of events.

Nocturnal Action Order.

Since players will be pointing at other players in a n arbitrary order at night, rather than in order of their positions, some confusion may arise about the order in which actions should be taken. To resolve this issue, all actions occur simultaneously, once all players have pointed. Each god waits until that point to resolve the results of the Mafia, the medic, the necromancer, and the priest, considered in that order: first the Mafia assassinate, then the medic may save, then the necromancer may raise and then the priest may exorcise.


Mafia. (x3) Action: The usual. More than half of living Mafia required to agree (2 of 3, 2 of 2).

Ghost. Action: Is dead on arrival.

Medic. Action: Target is saved from assassination by Mafia this round.

Necromancer. Action: Raises the dead; commits massive vote fraud.

(Undead player behavior: Undead players are recorded as casting the same vote as the necromancer each day. They are otherwise dead and cannot exercise their abilities as Mafia, etc.)

Priest. Action: Exorcises undead. Undead player is returned to a normal metaphysically challenged state when pointed at.

Optional positions.

Townsperson. (xN) Action: Townspeople engage in their civic duty to lynch unpopular individuals without the formality of a trial and are otherwise unremarkable.

Honorary positions.

Cal. (1 per god) Action: All gods at their discretion may appoint one player as Cal. This is in addition to their actual role in the game and is announced before play begins.

Add your thoughts/comments/suggestions/entertaining stories here:

JulieWortman: I, for one, was entertained...it was significantly less broken than I had anticipated (there might even be a feasible strategy!). Getting rid of the detective, coroner, et al. and leaving out the "yes/no" phase at nighttime was decidedly a help. I do wish, though, that people would stop pointing at whoever had just been lynched in hopes that they were Necromancer in someone's game (amusing when it works, just obnoxious when it doesn't).

WillShipley: It actually works! Quite fun, too. The Quantum variant makes the game play like a sick, sick version of Bingo (with the added amusement of the fluid state of players, and their antics.) It's really great to point at someone, and have half the people around the table glance at their sheets and say, "Oh, wow! Now this is interesting . . ." or "ARG! How could you DO THAT to me??" And I DareSay? that the post-game summary is giggle-inducing, and certainly beats the Bingo equivalent. In other news: for great justice, make NickJohnson a priest. ;)

EvilSouthie: Does anybody remember who won? I still vaguely remember that the majority of actual debate in my game took place between already dead people, but can't remember anything else (other than having a lot of fun).

JoshMiddendorf: So, this one time, some people signed up to play Quantum Mafia, but then forgot about it. Shame on them.

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