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KatieLewis List of Books for loan:
room: East 178 (2nd floor, backhall single. )

*Masquerade (picture book with a puzzle that stumped adults and children for years) by Kit Williams

Books I have borrowed from other People and will be returning:
* Heidi <- Have 54 pages left. Will finish reading it dead week and return it when I'm done. Let me know if you want it back sooner
* The Hunchback of Nortre Dame <- Am 150 pages in out of 430. Will be asking you when you want me to return it, at some point. I don't think I will manage to finish it before I leave CA, though I may make a good attempt during dead week.
* If you think I have borrowed a book from you that is not listed, please let me know.

KLBooksAtHome KLMathLibrarySubj KLMathLibraryAlph

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* KLBooksAtHome
* KLMathLibrarySubj KLMathLibraryAlph

In the spririt of MovieCollection - private collections willingly loaned

(pardon the audacity in creating this, perhaps another format would help I do not know)

EastLibrary ! :)

Other Book Collections, possibly for loan, listed Elsewhere:

AdamSkalenakis (Linde 144, SuiteVengeance) Books very in condition from good to very bad, but all are readable)

(* - Highly Reccomended)

AdamField's collection (of books I brought to Mudd with me, no way I'm listing all the books I own. This means all these are favorites, though many others not listed are favorites as well... oh, and East 175): Science Fiction:

Fantasy: Other fiction: Nonfiction:

Off-campus collections below this line

Dude, this is a good idea. I'm always trying to get people to read my books.

JessicaFisher's list of books for loan:

Book books:

Book books that I don't have at the moment but I might sometime soon:

Reference books:

Comic books (manga, US trade paperbacks, graphic novels -- please note that I'll kill you if you ruin these, so I reserve the right to not lend these to you if I don't trust you):

I also have a good sized collection of Japanese music magazines and anime artbooks.

MicahSmukler's books:





ArielBarton's books (all books listed available for loan):



Two boxes of books which I have used for classes in the past but am too lazy to list at this time.

DanCicio's books

Ender (all by Orson Scott Card)

Calvin and Hobbes (all by Bill Watterson)

Dilbert (all by Scott Adams)

Get Fuzzy (all by Darby Conley)


I have a handful of textbooks, too, but I don't care enough to list them right now.

EdMiller's Books

Books for entertainment, alpha by author. If a book has no author listed, then its author is the same as that of the book immediately above.

That's enough. I'm not going to bother listing the nonfiction/philosophy/actual useful stuff.

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