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** The details, then, are much like helen.
** The details, then, are much like Helen.

HelenFitzmaurice was apparently at one point EvilFrosh. She has long hair, and sometimes looks at you funny if you hum the theme to M*A*S*H while measuring the length of her hair with your arms.

She was going to be a Senior Physics (^_^) major. Frosh year she lived in Sontag with Judy Hines and some friendly alcoholic potsmokers. Sophomore year she lived in East(Suite P-Chem) with Judy Hines, Jane Pan, Glennis Rayermann, and also Mark Hubenschmidt. Junior year, she lived in Sontag Suite 106 with PhilMiller, Steven Sloss (LeslieMallinger by association), and (for half of the year) SarahFletcher . . . and this year she will be living in the same suite with Judy Hines, Glennis Rayermann, Greg Herschler, and Skylar (forgets last name) . . . at least for the first week. She will then move somewhere else and do something else. (The details are currently a little bit sketchy.) She will probably return to Mudd in a year to actually be a Senior Physics (^_^) major.

Helen wishes that Harvey Mudd were located somewhere in New Hampshire, since the weather there is more comfortable and more conducive to good nordic skiing conditions.(There's even a Claremont, NH. We could move the 5Cs and they'd still be the Claremont Colleges.)Perhaps if she ever gets a driver's license and a car (two very unlikely things, despite the fact that she is finally taking driver's ed this summer. . . note: currently still doesn't have a driver's license) she will spend more time at Baldy, Rim Nordic, etc during the winter.

Helen will always be happy to: have tea, watch Star Gate SG1, go skiing, smack you for saying something silly, and go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Has a HelenNumber of 0.

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