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I think this page may be officially complete. So long Wiki, thanks for all the time suck! This is Dan, the original WikiWhore, signing off.--Dan

DanCicio (formerly known as Füc) is a recent Mudd student--he ITRed spring of 2004 during his fourth year (of five). He's since moved to the BostonMass area and lives with his fiancee, KatheToddBrown?.

As of May 17th, 2005, Dan has done the coolest thing he may ever do--he got a [1UP mushroom tattoo].

Dan has recently fallen victim to the most addictive (and lucrative) hobby he's found--poker (Texas Hold 'Em, in particular). He can often be found on Party Poker under the handle "ArchonEngine". *bitches about 12-character name limits*

He is also a very EasilyAmused SleepDepAddict and the possessor of a permanently RotatedSchedule.

Dan and PamelaRettig have created the most awesome site ever: [Strong Bad + Two Towers]

Dan and KatyPerdue were EastDormPresidents for 2003-2004.

Dan has recently realized his life's ambition......He's going to launch Wyoming into space (enclosed in a giant glass ball) and build a Wyoming-sized human pyramid on it.

He is also allergic to chai. AreYouWatchingTheChai?

In this section of the node, there used to be a few descriptions of Dan's current VideoGames of choice. At this point, it probably makes more sense to just list the games Dan is/has been addicted to, as it's long and probably boring to read descriptions of every one.

In a EastDormSchmack message sent by EvilSouthie (in 2001), a question arose as to DanCicio's identity. Is he a mere mortal or a VideoGame character? If you have any doubts, check the archives and read DanCicio's reply--[Re: Evil Southie dreams] This link will remain broken until the EastDormSchmack archive location is updated. Sorry for the inconvenience.--Mgmt.

Also, after a dorm meeting in the spring semester of 2001, DanCicio was rightfully named Prince DumbAss. (See BadIdea)

Dan is also greatly opposed to the concept of a 24-hour day. This leads to many interesting things and his being awake at very odd times. His body fights boldly against any futile attempts to regulate its sleep cycle, although it is usually willing to submit to a nocturnal schedule. Maybe he's really a ComputerScience major?

Victim of OtherOtherOtherWindowBreakingIncident and OtherOtherOtherOtherOtherWindowBreakingIncident.

DanCicio's RoomMate SophoMore and JuNior? years, MichaelVrable, was determined to be a FroshMore in the 2001 DormElections?. The following semester, DanCicio's standing was the inverse of that--as opposed to being a FreshMan taking SophoMore classes, he was a SophoMore taking FreshMan classes. Does this mean that he was a SophMan? And does it also mean that East 109 housed a FroshMore and a SophMan at the same time? We all know the answer to both of these questions.

And no, the answer is not "cheese".

Favorite Quotes:

 "Get a good night's sleep.  Six hours is a long time."--ProfessorSu, about Putnam
 "Oh, wait, I thought he meant sleep!"--Dan's confused reply

After listing traits of other frosh, "Dan, you're the laziest frosh I've ever met!"--MarySullivan

"Dan, why is it that, when I walked into the lounge, I didn't go flying into the wall?"--JoseluisEspinosa

"You were at zero productivity and you went down! You suck!"--ZakAndree?

"You will youtr."--MegaHal

"You know, you're a crappy chem major!"--Dan to JessicaHoover

"As silly as it looks, evaluate:"--Discrete textbook, page 115, problem 10 (b)

"When do you sleep?"--ZakAndree? to Dan Note: *Many* people have asked this question since, but Zak asked first.

"Dan, you idiot!"--ProfessorBenjamin

"A lot of time has passed recently."--MaryPeter

"What are those red lights up there? They look like they're blinking."--MelissaBanister, on what ended up being the LCD displays on two Coke machines

"Hey, you're everywhere!"--ProfessorMcCurdy to Dan on having seen him twice in one day (the first time being in recitation)

"You're your own grandma?"--MarySullivan to Dan

"I'll never see a photon gas!"--Dan to ArielBarton

"Titus, I've got good news and bad news..."--Dan during DeathChess

"Coke has never tasted so good!"--Dan after DeathChess

"Great minds think alike. Us, however, there's no explanation for."--Dan's friend Chris from NewYorkCity?

"So, Pamela... wanna have some wild monkey sex with me and Pava?"--Dan

"So, Brian... wanna have some wild monkey sex with me and Pava?"--Dan

("Um... so, do I get a say in this?"--Pava)

"Dan-is-whipped POLICE!"--KatyPerdue

"You can't see and your nostrils are elevated."--Dan

"Conor came up and told me he was going to fail FroshChem. I guess he asked me because I knew about failing classes."--Dan

"I'm sorry, Dan, you just can't pull off women's clothing."--LizzieKadison

"Japanese people are stupid."--Dan

"Dan, you keep forgetting to go through the hammers without getting hit."--EricAngell

"Of faith!"--KurtDresner

"Don't fight the optional Bowser!"--originally NateCappallo, then all of EastDormLounge

"Who said VideoGames aren't a social activity?"--Dan and ManyOthers

"Do you have Mario in your blood?"--WillShipley

"Go away, and take your stupid with you!"--Dave, from [Real Life]

"It has nothing to do with being a girl, it has to do with sadism."--MarySullivan

"I have gold fingernails."--Dan

"It's like ICBMs; you can't kill them back."--CalPierog

"We should have irrational dimensions.....and then play chess in them."--Dan

on Wyoming:

"The 2 is very interdependent; didn't you know that?"--MarySullivan

"[Miguel] Najdorf, who died very recently, was one of the immortal figures of 20th century chess."--chess lecture on ICC

"It's stupid o'clock."--!JulieWortman

"Dan, you're such a wiki-whore. I've seen the SelfFulfillingProphecy node."--JulieWortman

"Ever???"--Dan's best line *ever*

"I closed your mom when I pulled into her."--JulieWortman

"Seven is that really big odd number."--LizzieKadison

 "At least you're getting some."--JulieWortman
 "It's been a rough couple of months, but thankfully, cantaloupe has always been by my side."--ConorMcNassar

"I'm going to have to kill you for that."--MichaelVrable

"Fuck, what the Dan?"--JulieWortman

(on a related note) "I Dan fuck?" --JulieWortman

"What's red and has more brains than the man in black?......The wall behind him."--WillShipley

 "It's long and painful."--DustinBarnard
 "Back Door Lover?"--Ozzie

"Your bed really wants to be screwed in."--VictoriaKrafft

"Yes! I'm too drunk to do math!"--Dan

"Did you break someone's head with Jesus?"--Dan

"Not if it's a sewer rat!"--Dan

"I didn't like orgies. I'm not good at multitasking."--Grace Slick Not if she's a sewer rat?

 "Who's doing that?"--ProfRestivo
 "My group.....and the people in it."--ChrisPries

"I really need to stop looking for the toilet bowl."--KendraNelson

"Probing implies some level of care and delicacy."--JeffBrenion

On baby drop-boxes:

And on that note.....

"F&M is actually a twisted psychology experiment designed to test how far you can push apathetic people (Mudders) before they finally crack and do something about it."--RachelGabor

 "Climbing a penis to heaven"--ConorMcNassar
 "That's really awkward....."--Dan

 On a dark desert highway/Cool wind in my hair
 "Meow meow meow"--ConorMcNassar
 The warm smell of colitas/Rising up through the air
 "Meow meow meow"--ConorMcNassar

"I'm not stuff. ...Or stuffed. Unless you mean... with LEETness!"--Dan, probably sleep-depped (Strangely enough, I wasn't.....sleep-depped, that is.....I was, and am, stuffed with LEETness.--Dan)

"We do not bounce on Eli. It's bad for his internal organs."--RobinBaur

"If you guys start coupling, I'm *so* out of here!"--RichardGarfinkel to ErikShimshock and JonathanBeall

"that's doesn't backwardsify as amusingly"--Dan, in an AIM conversation with RobinBaur

 "She shot an arrow in Dodgers Stadium."--archery coach, re: other (Olympian) archery coach
 "From where?"--Dan

"You can't plant infinite seeds, though I tried with your mom last night."--JeffBrenion

 "We're not going to worry about that."--ProfessorSu, re: annoying-sounding probability crap
 "Is that an 'ever' or a 'yet'?"--Dan

"I got to the point at which the next logical step was learning to play solos. And then *jumps and looks around paranoidly*.....the shoelace attacked me!"--Dan

 "It's not coming out, and I know that if I squeeze it, it'll explode all over me."--Liam, Dan's coworker at F&M
 "That's what she said."--Dan

"A good relationship is like mutual whoredom."--Dan

 After MarkKegel tells a story about some rich guy finding oil under a mountain to prove that oil isn't made by dinosaurs:
 "Well, it's either that or dinosaurs are mountain seeds....."--Dan

It's finally here!!! Dan's SleepOmeter

This is it...the final update from my second semester (Spring 2001):

 Total days recorded: 51
 Average amount of sleep per day: 7 hours, 10.4902 minutes
 Standard deviation of sleep per day: 2 hours, 47.1602 minutes
 Hour most commonly asleep: 7:00AM--37 hours out of 51 hours
 Hour least commonly asleep: 7:00PM--150 minutes out of 51 hours

It's finally back!!! Dan's SleepOmeter, Fall 2001 semester

 Total days recorded: 46
 Average amount of sleep per day: 7 hours, 29.3478 minutes
 Standard deviation of sleep per day: 2 hours, 57.3528 minutes
 Hour most commonly asleep: 7:00AM--35 hours, 15 minutes out of 46 hours
 Hour least commonly asleep: (tie) 6:00PM and 7:00PM--60 minutes (each) out of 46 hours

Please feel free to take this opportunity to comment on DanCicio.

Come on, you know you want to.

DanCicio is a punk. But he's a cute punk, so we'll forgive him. He looks really hot in a fairy outfit. :D --PamelaRettig

(No, that's MartyWeiner :-> )--JustinPava

Dan shouldn't dye his hair. Oh, wait...--JulieWortman

Links I want to exist on my page yet don't feel motivated enough to write about:

Still up, eh?

Nice jaerb.

Dan: The original WikiWhore.


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