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Oh, this can't end well. Check the backlinks. i am awesome... i guess i can take credit now... --NickJohnson

I hate you all so very, very much. --RichardGarfinkel

Defenestrations for all!!! --WillShipley

Personally, I'm in favor of getting rid of this page and un-linking all of the 'the's before they fade off of RecentChanges (backlinks contain every page with the word 'the' on it, not all of the pages with 'the's on it). Or at least removing most of the links to this page. While it's funny at first, it just adds confusion later, and no real information content. --JonathanBeall

Your very annoyed KeeperOfTheWiki is in agreement.

The NearlyEmptyPagesNazi also concurs (although, ironically, this is no longer a proper example of NearlyEmptyPages)

Of course, most of Wiki is funny at first but just confusing later, so I don't think this is bucking the trend very much. How is this actually causing harm? --ChainMaille

I suppose it's not really a problem, it just irritates me a bit. As long as it? doesn't? become? a? trend?, it'll die out and not be all that bad. --JonathanBeall

For the love of God, Montressor!

Dont tempt me --NickJohnson

Okay, folks, poll time. Should this page and all links to it be removed? --RichardGarfinkel

DuctTapeGuy - No. Why? Wiki is supposed to be silly, and people know better than to wikify every single word.

ChainMaille - Nah. It's silly in itself, and Easties have the sense (usually) to not overdo jokes until they aren't funny any more.

YourMom doesn't overdo jokes. \end{irony} --FrancesHocutt

DanCicio - No, but only because it's here and someone (or some people) thought it worth being here. If it really bothers you, then you can take it away; that's the power of open editing. However, just getting rid of it because you don't think it's funny is a waste of time and somewhat mean to those who put the effort in to add it. Personally, I think the whole thing was ridiculous from the start--worth little more than a groan--but it's now part of wiki, so leave it unless there's a reason to remove it. *gets off the soapbox*

NearlyEmptyPagesNazi - Yes

AlexBobbs - No

JonathanBeall - No, don't delete the whole page, but perhaps undo a few of the 'the' links on other pages.

NickJohnson - it amuses me that it exists... It would amuse me more if every 'the' on wiki were hyperlinked, but not enough to prompt me to actually do it. I actually had thought of creating a page that was entirely hyperlinked text, which would necessarily involve the creation of appropriate pages, but i dont think i would spread that, and its probably not worth the effort either.... it would be more amusing to mirror all or most of wiki.

Okay, seeing as how the NearlyEmptyPagesNazi is the only one who wants to get rid of this page and I hate Nazis, especially those of the NearlyEmptyPages variety, this page will stay.

Very well. The Squirreloid shall escape judgement this time, but beware you who would create more NearlyEmptyPages! [insert EvilLaugh here]

Whoa. Since when was the NearlyEmptyPagesNazi alone in this? This is an abomination, man. --a WikiWhore

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