ChessersSuite was a suite in EastDorm (rooms 102/4) that officially started in the Fall 2000, although it existed in people's minds long before then (and actually won several dorm awards before it even existed). The four original Chesserians were AlexBobbs, JoshMiddendorf, MicahSmukler, and DanielLowd, who all lived together in E104 while maintaining the legendary ChessersLounge in E102. This arrangment persisted until Spring 2002, when ChessersSuite was divided into the ChessSide and the CheckersSide and people slept in both.

Alternate Names for ChessersSuite include, but are not limited to:

The Guardians of ChessersSuite were:

We would list all the ChessersPlayers here but then it would take forever for you to load this page, especially if we included all the (former) PreFrosh we addicted.

Quotes that have appeared on whiteboards affiliated with ChessersSuite include the following:

Fall '00:

Spring '01:

Summer '01:

Fall '01:

Spring '02:

Summer '02

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