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A BadIdea that MartinPyne made the mistake of uttering in front of ChrisSauro and JasonWinerip, who decided it was a GreatIdea?. YMMV.

The Fnord Completion Run has been defined as playing every game on Fnord (alphabetically, so it's easier to keep track) until at least a "Game Over" state, with 1 credit used (or confirm that the game is completely inoperable). You must make a serious attempt at each game played; it's okay if you don't know what's going on, as long as you at least try.

Currently, the following progress has been made towards completion of this run by the dorm. Please note if you actually beat one of these games during the run (again, with one credit used).

NOTE: The character count for this article has been exceeded. Refer to FnordCompletionRunContinued for current progress.

Started in the early morning of Monday, October 8, 2007 at ~2am.

Game(s) Player(s) Comments
'88 Games ChrisSauro & JasonWinerip
10 Yard Fight ChrisSauro & JasonWinerip
1000 Miglia: Great 1000 Miles Rally AkashRakholia
1941 Counter Attack ChrisSauro
1942 JasonWinerip
1943 Kai: Midway Kaisen AkashRakholia
1943: The Battle of Midway JasonWinerip
1944: The Loop Master ChrisSauro
1945k III AndrewFarmer
19XX: The War Against Destiny JasonWinerip
2 On 2 Open Ice Challenge AndrewFarmer & ChrisSauro
2020 Super Baseball AkashRakholia
3 Count Bout / Fire Suplex ChrisSauro
4 En Raya AndrewFarmer Connect Four with Stuff
4 Fun In 1 AkashRakholia
4-D Warriors AndrewFarmer
64th Street - A Detective Story ChrisSauro
720 Degrees ChrisSauro
7jigen no Youseitachi - Mah Jong 7 Dimensions ChrisSauro & JasonWinerip First Mah Jong game. Keybindings suck.
9-Ball Shootout AndrewFarmer & ChrisSauro Chris cared too much.
A.D. 2083 ChrisSauro
A. B. Cop AkashRakholia Hover bike racing/ramming game. "Actually really fun."
Abunai Houkago MaxGibiansky Does not RhymeWithCorn?, despite appearances. Or at least not on the first credit worth.
Acrobat Mission AlexHagen
Acrobatic Dog-Fight AkashRakholia
Act-Fancer Cybernetick Hyper Weapon AlexHagen
Action Fighter, FD1089A 3 AndrewTaylor
Action Hollywood JulianEvans
Adventure Quiz 2 Hatena JulianEvans
Aero Fighters JulianEvans
Aero Fighters 2 ChrisSauro
Aero Fighters 3 ChrisSauro
After Burner II ChrisSauro "It's a real game" and 3D
Aggressors of Dark Kombat AlexHagen
Aggress DanMoore
Ah Eikou no Koshien AlexHagen Takes an incredible amount of time and we still have no clue what's going on (something about baseball)
Air Attack MattKeeter
Air Buster: Trouble Special DanMoore
Air Duel TimNguyen
Air Gallet DanMoore
Air Rescue TimNguyen Unable to take off- eventually ran out of fuel
Airwolf MadeleineOng
Ajax DanMoore
Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars TrystanKoch & TarunNarayan
Alien Arena TimNguyen & TarunNarayan "This is the worst game in history"
Alien Storm DanMoore & AndrewFarmer
Alien Syndrome DanMoore
Alien vs. Predator TimNguyen
Alien3?: The Gun DanMoore
Aliens TarunNarayan & TimNguyen
All American Football TarunNarayan
Alley Master TarunNarayan & AndrewFarmer Unplayable due to lack of controls
Alligator Hunt AndrewFarmer
Alpha Mission II TarunNarayan
Alpine Racer AndrewFarmer Ridiculously slow. Oh god, so slow.
Alpine Racer II Unplayable Doesn't work... thankfully
Alpine Ski DanMoore
Altered Beast DanMoore
The Amazing Adventures Of Mr. F. Lea AndrewFarmer
Ambush DanMoore You try to keep a spaceship on a landing strip and die every now and then
American Horseshoes KevinYeung Not really playable - lack of buttons
American Speedway PeterTu & DmitriSkjorshammer We hate these games that require steering
Amidar MichaelNoback Just partition off the area
Andro Dunos MichaelNoback
Angel Kids DmitriSkjorshammer
Animalandia Jr DanMoore,TrevinMurakami & PeterTu Spanish Whack-a-Mole, impossible to play with fnord controls, use keypad
Anteater TrevinMurakami What button retracts?
Apache 3 TrevinMurakami 3D rendering of fail. In the words of TrevinMurakami, this is not PrettyGoodOkay.
APB: All Points Bulletin TrystanKoch "I don't know whether to play this again... OK I'm playing it again"
Apparel Night TrystanKoch WTF is going on??
Appoooh KevinYeung
Aqua Jack TrystanKoch
Aqua Rush TarunNarayan "Worst game ever by a large amount." A tetris game where you can modify the pieces
Aquarium TrystanKoch & MattKeeter "Hideously bad version of bust-a-move," or "WHAT THE HELL?!"
Arabian MattKeeter
Arabian Fight MattKeeter Lost to an enemy named "Shoulder"
Arabian Magic ChrisFerguson
Arbalester MattKeeter "Surprise! It's an airplane game!"
Arcade Classics--Centipede MattKeeter & JasonGarrettGlazer?
Arcade Classics--Missile Command AlexHagen
Arch Rivals AlexHagen & TrystanKoch & TarunNarayan & AndrewFarmer It never ends, farmer ended it.
Area 51 Unplayable Doesn't start. Needs hard disk image?
Area 51 / Maximum Force Unplayable As above
Argus AndrewFarmer
Argus MichaelNoback Its not a repeat of the above game, really
Ark Area MichaelNoback
Arkanoid AlexHagen
Arkanoid Revenge of DoH? AndrewFarmer
Arkanoid Returns ChrisSauro "Its not moving" Not actually controllable.
Arlington Horse Racing ChrisSauro "This game is full of lose"
Arm Champs II Unplayable needs arm wrestling controller thing?
Arm Wrestling AlexHagen uncontrollable
Armed Formation ChrisSauro
Armed Police Batrider AndrewFarmer & ChrisSauro
Armor Attack AndrewFarmer, MartinPyne & ChrisSauro Well, we got it to the point where we couldn't control anything.... twice. The game was inert.
Armored Car ChrisSauro
Armored Warriors ChrisSauro
Art of Fighting ChrisSauro
Art of Fighting 2 ChrisSauro
Art of Fighting 3 ChrisSauro
Ashita no Joe ChrisSauro
Ashura Blaster MattKeeter
ASO MattKeeter
Assult AlexHagen Uncontrollable
Asterix AlexHagen
Asteroids ChrisSauro
Asteroids Deluxe ChrisSauro
Astro Blaster ChrisSauro
Astro Chase ChrisSauro Got to a point that required a "trigger". None of the buttons did anything.
Astro Fighter ChrisSauro
Astro Invader ChrisSauro
The Astyanax ChrisSauro
Asuka & Asuka ChrisSauro
Asura Blade - Sword Of Dynasty AndrewFarmer "It's actually kinda fun." Also, the giant robot is totally broken.
Asylum MattKeeter
Atari Baseball AlexHagen & ChrisSauro
Atari Football ChrisSauro & AndrewFarmer
Atari Soccer AndrewFarmer & AlanGilder
Ataxx AndrewFarmer
Athena AlanGilder
Athena no Hatena ? AlanGilder Japanese QuizAndDragons. No, seriously.
Atomic Point ChrisSauro
Atomic Robo-Kid ChrisSauro
Attack UFO AndrewFarmer
Aurail AndrewFarmer
Avalanche AlexHagen
Avengers AndrewFarmer Got headbutted to death, multiple times.
Avengers in Galactic Storm AlexHagen Doesn't work.
Avenging Spirit AlexHagen Actually kind of fun.
Aztarac AndrewFarmer Couldn't turn
Azurian Attack ChrisSauro Broken sound emulation
B-Wings ChrisSauro
B.C. Kid / Bonk's Adventure ChrisSauro & StevenBerler
B.C. Story AlexHagen Don't know what was going on
Back Street Soccer AlexHagen
Backfire AlexHagen & StevenBerler
Bad Dudes vs. Dragonninja StevenBerler "Are you a bad enough dude to rescue Ronnie?"
Bad Lands AndrewFarmer
Bagman DanMoore Lame
Bakatonosama Majong TrystanKoch Another freaking Majongg game!
Bakuretsu Quiz-Ma-Q Dai TrystanKoch Is it can be translation times now pleaz?
Bakutotsu Kijuutei TrystanKoch Pretty good actually
Bal Cube TrystanKoch I highly recommend this one, like Breakout but you control the ball
Balloon Brothers AlanGilder Almost identical to Tetris, except that the block color matters and changes
Baluba-louk no Densetsu AlanGilder PacMan with fewer escape paths and more ghosts
Bang Bang Ball AlanGilder Bust-A-Move with moving targets and moving you
Bang Bead ChrisSauro
Bang! ChrisSauro
Bank Panic ChrisSauro
Baraduke ChrisSauro
Barricade MaxGibiansky and JulianEvans
Barrier JulianEvans
Baseball Stars 2 JulianEvans
Baseball Stars Professional JulianEvans Just like the last game.
Baseball the Season 2 JulianEvans and MaxGibiansky We managed to get it to finish!!!
Basketball MaxGibiansky pwned JulianEvans White man can't play basketball
Batman JulianEvans
Batsugun JulianEvans and MorganConbere "A fairly decent game"
Batlantis JulianEvans and AndreyShur
Battle Arena Toshinden 2 JulianEvans and AndreyShur Note: claws pwn.
Battle Bakraid AudreyShur?
Battle Chopper PeterTu and ChrisFerguson
Battle Circuit ChrisFerguson and AndreyShur Ride on pink ostriches! Fight the Disco King! (actually an excellent game
Battle Cross AndreyShur
Battle Cruiser M-12 AndreyShur and ChrisFerguson
Battle Flip Shot ChrisFerguson and AndreyShur A decent 'battle-Pong' type game
Battle Garegga AndreyShur Yet another Raiden clone
Battle K-Road ChrisSauro
Battle Lane! Vol. 5 ChrisSauro
Battle of Atlantis IvanHernandez
Battle Rangers ChrisSauro
Battle Shark ChrisSauro
Battletoads ChrisSauro & IvanHernandez Ivan totally got spawn camped by the first level boss
Battle Zone MaxwellLee & TrystanKoch "Nostalgia!," exclaims TrystanKoch, "its that game from when..." Uncontrollable
Battle-Road, The AndreyShur
Battlecry AlexHagen Can't jump
Bay Route MaxwellLee "It almost seems vaguely worth playing" claims MattKeeter, who wasn't playing
Beach Festival World Champion MaxwellLee Beach volleyball that looks like it RhymesWithCorn but actually doesn't
Beast Busters MattKeeter Shooter, but you can't aim
Beastorizer MattKeeter "Its actually vaguely entertaining because you can fight against giant rabbits" Also, there's two copies
Beathead MattKeeter "This would be a 'what are they smoking?' game" claims MattKeeter
beatmania AlexHagen Fails to start
beatmania 2nd MIX AlexHagen Fails to start
beatmania 4th MIX AlexHagen Fails to start
beatmania 5th MIX AlexHagen Fails to start
beatmania 6th MIX AlexHagen Fails to start
beatmania Complete MIX AlexHagen Fails to start
beatmania Complete MIX 2 AlexHagen Fails to start
beatmania Core Remix AlexHagen Fails to start
beatmania Featuring Dreams Come True AlexHagen Fails to start
Beezer AlexHagen & MattKeeter Trippy puzzle game
Bells and Whistles ChrisFerguson End screen: Powerup Service!!
Ben Bero Beh TimNguyen Emphasis on trying to understand this.
Beraboh Man ChrisFerguson Stretching limb attacks, but no jump...
The Berlin Wall TimNguyen Note: epicness of game recorded
Bermuda Triange PeterTu Pick up EEEEEEEs!
Berzerk JayMarkello run arround and shoot
Best Bout Boxing JayMarkello boxing game.
Big Bucks Trivia Quest AndrewFarmer "SHUFFLING QUESTIONS, MAX 3 MINUTE WAIT". Augh.
Big Event Golf DanMoore & MadeleineOng & AndrewFarmer Can't get the ball to go more than a few feet at a time. Aiming does not work.
Big Karnak AndrewFarmer Damn snakes.
The Big Pro Wrestling! DanMoore "This one had some pretty funny animations."
The Big Run DanMoore
Big Striker DanMoore A soccer game that is made of FAIL
Big Twin DanMoore & ChrisFerguson An interesting Tetris-type game that rewards level-clears with RhymesWithCorn
Bigfoot Bonkers MaxwellLee "This sucks"
Bijokko Gakuen MaxwellLee Mahjongg - we continue
Bijokko Yume Monogatari MaxwellLee RhymesWithCorn
Billiard Academy Real Break MaxwellLee
Bio Attack MaxwellLee "I'm in someone's body"
Bio-Hazard Battle MaxwellLee You can charge your lazerz
Bio-Ship Paladin SaraGussin
BioFreaks? TrystanKoch & SaraGussin Doesn't start
Biomechanical Toy SaraGussin Sara says this game is awesome
Bionic Commando AlexHagen "You have a bionic arm, how much cooler can you get?"
Birdie King SaraGussin Barely controllable
Birdie King 2 AlexHagen "This one sucks too"
Birdie King 3 SaraGussin "I'm not playing Birdie King 3" -Sara
Bishi Bashi Championship TrystanKoch "I don't know what's going on!"
Bishoujo Janshi Pretty Sailor Moon TrystanKoch Mahjongg game that RhymesWithCorn
Bishoujo Janshi Pretty Sailor 2 RhymesWithCorn
BlackHole? TrystanKoch "Really crappy space shooter"
Black Panther TrystanKoch "Really horrible"
Black Tiger SaraGussin "I think I'm an undead fighter... It's cool"
Black Widow SaraGussin
Blade Master SaraGussin & NikFloyd
Blades of Steel SaraGussin
Blandia SaraGussin and MorganConbere Doikles kinda sucks, "Learn the flow of the branches."
Blast Off SaraGussin
Blasted SaraGussin
Blaster SaraGussin Doesn't work
Blasteroids SaraGussin
Blasto SaraGussin I'm not really sure what I was supposed to do there ...
BlaZeon? ChrisFerguson
Blazer ChrisFerguson Amusing game; play as both a tank and a copter
Blazing Star ChrisFerguson Fun; provides tips like "your skill is great"
Blazing Tornado ChrisFerguson confusing wrestling game
Block Block ChrisFerguson Difficult to play with joysick
Block Carnival ChrisFerguson
Block Gal MaxGibiansky Tries to RhymeWithCorn?, but fails. Breakout/Brickball? type game.
Block Hole ChrisFerguson Reverse Tetris? Fill in the blocks.
Block Out ChrisFerguson 3-D top-down Tetris
Blockage ChrisFerguson & DanMoore Like Tron, but with worse graphics and gameplay
Blocken ChrisFerguson Competitive blockout. Not too bad. In fact, almost good!
Blomby Car AlexHagen A racing game in which everything you hit makes you flip and die.
Blood Brothers DanMoore & PeterTu
Blood Storm DanMoore "He stole my arm!"
Bloody Roar 2 DanMoore A slow, painful fighter. Oh god, so slow. Crashed Fnord. But oddly fun while it lasted.
Bloxeed DanMoore Tetris with powerups. OMG
Blue Hawk AlanGilder
Blue Print AlanGilder
Blue's Journey / Raguy AlanGilder
BMC Bowling AlanGilder
Boardwalk Casino KevinYeung Lack of controls
Body Slam BrettMcLarnon Women's pro wrestling. A beautiful game of button mashing.
Bogey Manor AkashRakholia
Boggy '84 RobinDobashi
Bomb Bee RobinDobashi Pong, except cooler
Bomb Jack RobinDobashi
Bomber Man World / New RobinDobashi
Bombjack Twin RobinDobashi
Bonanza Bros SaraGussin
Bongo SaraGussin
Bonze Adventure SaraGussin Boring Sidescroller
Boogie Wings SaraGussin & JulianEvans Interesting side plane shooter
Boomer Rang'r / Genesis SaraGussin HardCore? planar shooter
Boot HillSaraGussin LAME!!!!
Borench JulianEvans
Born To Fight JulianEvans You are a dead war hero. Try again
Bottom of the Ninth JulianEvans & NikFloyd
Boulderdash JulianEvans
Boulderdash / Boulderdash AkashRakholia
Bouncing Balls AkashRakholia The balls are inert!
The Bounty AlexHagen Never quite got the point
Bowl-O-Rama AlexHagen Bowled a 235, beat that
Boxing Bugs AlexHagen
Boxy Boy ChrisSauro Kinda hard on a high difficulty level
Bradley Trainer UnPlayable? (well, you can look around, but that's it)
Brain ChrisSauro Space shooter. Kind of hard to play when the joystick up doesn't work too well.
Brave Blade ChrisSauro Actually a decent game
Break Thru ChrisSauro
Breakers ChrisSauro
Bristles ChrisSauro Becomes unplayable after first death
Brute Force ChrisSauro Black guy beating up random white dudes with a flying headbutt and a roundhouse kick. This game made a YourMomJoke?. It is amusing.
Bubble 2000 ChrisSauro (and then by MaxGibiansky....) Bubble Booble. No, really - it starts RhymingWithCorn when you beat a level.
Bubble Bobble ChrisSauro
Bubble Bobble 2 JayMarkello run around shooting bubbles at enemies
Bubble Memoirs JayMarkello failed to load
Bubbles JayMarkello move around eating little red dots. (like worm game but a bubble)
Buccaneers JayMarkello ye olde scrolling fighting game
Buck rogers and the planet of zoom JayMarkello pseudo 3d scroller
Bucky O'hare JayMarkello & MomMy Side scrolling fighter shooter. you play as fuzzy mammals
Buggy Challenge AlexHagen
Bullfight AlexHagen
Bulls Eye Darts AlexHagen
Burger Time AlexHagen
Burglar X MorganConbere
Burnin' Rubber MorganConbere
Burning Fight MorganConbere "I'll knife you, you bitch!"
Burning Force MorganConbere
Burning Rival MorganConbere
Butasan MorganConbere Logic Rule: "Pigs Introduction!"
Cabal MorganConbere
Cachat MadeleineOng & TimNguyen
Cadash MadeleineOng & TimNguyen
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs MadeleineOng & KevinYeung "XXXX You!"
Caliber 50 PeterTu Can't switch directions AHHHHHH
California Speed AlexHagen Doesn't Start
Calipso AlexHagen "Whoa, you explode into electricity!"
Calorie Kun vs. Moguranian AlexHagen More foreign moles.
Cameltry MichaelNoback "Shit, more moles." "Unfortune!!"
Cannon Ball AlexHagen
Cannon Ball AlexHagen Invisible Breakout
Canyon Bomber AlexHagen Bomb.
Capcom Baseball AlexHagen
Capcom Bowling PeterTu
Capcom Sports Club - Tennis PeterTu Mexico.
Capcom Sports Club - Soccer PeterTu MEXICOOOOOOOOOO!!
Capcom Sports Club - Basketball PeterTu "Drive the paint and jam it home! Don't wuss it out."
Capcom World NikFloyd
Capcom World 2 DanMoore Quiz & Dragons in Japanese. Fastest credit ever.
Captain America and the Avengers DanMoore "Why should it goes well?"
Captain Commando AlexHagen
Captain Silver AlexHagen
Captain Tomaday AlexHagen
Car Jamboree AlexHagen
CarnEvil? JasonWinerip Did not start
Carneval JasonWinerip
Carrier Air Wing MomMy
Cavelon AlexHagen
CaveMan? Ninja JayMarkello & JasonWinerip side scrolling fighter
Centipede AlexHagen
Cerberus AlexHagen Uncontrollable
Chack'n Pop DanMoore WhatTheHell?
Chain Reaction DanMoore Interesting
Challenger DanMoore Hard
Chameleon DanMoore
Champion Baseball DanMoore Apparently impossible to win
Champion Boxing KevinYeung
Champion Pro Wrestling KevinYeung Two player game
Champion Wrestler KevinYeung
Championship Bowling MaxGibiansky
Championship Sprint MaxGibiansky Racing game. I was amused. It was playable.
Change Air Blade ChrisFerguson Air-shooter vs. 1 other plane
Changes TrystanKoch Bad Pac-Man Clone
Charlie Ninja AlexMcAuley & JamesBrown & TrystanKoch Arcade game wherein player fights cowboys, the US Army, and the gays
Chase H.Q. AlexMcAuley 3D car chase game
Check Man AlexMcAuley Sort of like Pacman, but worse.
Cheese Chase MadeleineOng ... weird. but fun! cheese is yummy
Chelnov Atmoic Runner MadeleineOng & ZviEffron annoying
ChewingGum? ZviEffron play is slot machine limited by credits... pointless
Cheyenne ZviEffron
Chibi Marukochan Deluxe DanMoore Quiz game in Japanese
Chicken Shift DanMoore
Chiller DanMoore Disturbing
Chimera Beast DanMoore Bad. Just bad.
China Gate AlexMcAuley This game blows.
China Town AlexMcAuley Four games in one. All of them are Mahjong.
Chinese Casino TimNguyen Mahjong, may RhymeWithCorn?, didn't do well enough to know
Chinese Hero TimNguyen Power Meter?!
Choky! Choky! SaraGussin
Choplifter SaraGussin
Chopper I SaraGussin
Chuka Taisen SaraGussin
Circus PeterTu omgwtfbbq.
Circus Charlie MaxwellLee GREAT! FAROUT! FINE!! OhNO?!
Cisco Heat PeterTu Needs more steering wheel!
City Bomber MaxwellLee More Time!
City Connection PeterTu Beware of cats in
City Love MaxwellLee Mahjong game. Probably RhymesWithCorn.
Clash-Road MaxwellLee FALCON PUNCH!
Clay Pigeon PeterTu Lightgun game. Don't miss the bonus ducks!
Cleopatra Fortune MaxwellLee Like Tetris. But weird.
Cliffhanger - Edward Rand PeterTu
Cloak and Dagger MaxwellLee Recover the stuff from DR. BOOM!
Cloud 9 MaxwellLee Shoot the clouds
Clowns KevinYeung Starts at Game Over screen
Clutch Hitter MadeleineOng & MattKeeter
Cobra-Command AlexMcAuley Hellicopter side-scroller.
Colony 7 AlexMcAuley Defend a space station against aliens.
Columns 97 ChrisFerguson Unplayable
Columns ChrisFerguson Sort of like Bejeweled and Tetris
Columns II: the Voyage Through Time ChrisFerguson & AndreyShur like the last game, but different shapes
Columns III AndreyShur
Combat ChrisFerguson Requires a Light Gun to work properly
Combat School AndreyShur An actual simulation of boot camp (sorta)
The Combatribes ChrisFerguson Level 1- The Motorcycle Nuclear Warheads
Command War: Super Special Battle & War Game AndreyShur Can this game have any more Engrish?
Commando MaxGibiansky Simple, playable, kinda boring.
Commando MaxGibiansky Despite the name, has nothing in common with the previous game.
Comotion MaxGibiansky & ZekeKoziol
Competition Golf Final Round MaxGibiansky Playable, could be interesting with a bit of practice
Complex X MaxGibiansky The controls are inert.
Congo Bongo MaxGibiansky The controls are inert. Not really. What?
Continental Circus MaxGibiansky Game OVER.
Contra PeterTu Doesn't Start
Contra PeterTu
Cookie & Bibi PeterTu
Cookie & Bibi 2 PeterTu
Cookie & Bibi 3 PeterTu
Cool Boarders Arcade Jam PeterTu Actually a pretty cool snowboard game.
Cool Minigame Collection ChrisFerguson This game needs more investigation, if only for good Engrish
Cool Pool ChrisFerguson & MattKeeter Requires a trackball to be enjoyed at all
Cop 01 ChrisFerguson
Cosmic Avenger MattKeeter
Cosmic Chasm MattKeeter Awesome "3-D graphics!
Cosmic Cop MattKeeter Mildly entertaining
Cosmic Guerilla TimNguyen Interesting Space Invader varient
Cosmo Gang the Puzzle MaxGibiansky Tetris-based thing
Cosmos MorganConbere
(Fantastic Night Dreams) Cotton MorganConbere Not as cool as you might hope
(Magical Night Dreams) Cotton 2 MorganConbere Scantily clad female witches! Still not as cool as you might hope
(Magical Night Dreams) Cotton Boomarang MorganConbere Slow, but better than the first two
Counter Run MorganConbere
Crack Down MorganConbere
Crackshot MorganConbere Better with a gun...
Crash MorganConbere Black and white clone of Counter Run. Maybe it came first?
Crater Raider MorganConbere Doesn't work, need more joystick?
Crayon Shinchan Orato As... Part II MorganConbere and JayMarkello BRA ON HEAD! Quiz and puzzle game in japanese
Crazy Balloon MorganConbere ASCII art for the win!
Crazy Climber MorganConbere Entertaining... but the controls don't work!
Crazy Climber 2 MorganConbere and JayMarkello The controls ... they do nothing!
Crazy Kong JayMarkello Looks just like DK
Crazy Rally JayMarkello 1337 racing game
Crime City ChrisFerguson You die crazy fast from bullets
Crime Fighters TimNguyen
Cross Pang ChrisFerguson Challenging Puzzle Game. You must hit it!
Crossbow TimNguyen
Crossed Swords ChrisFerguson
Crowns Golf MaxGibiansky
Crowns Golf In Hawaii MaxGibiansky
Crude Buster MaxGibiansky
Cruis'n USA AndrewFarmer After some calibration, this one runs. Sort of. Steering is crazy hard, though.
Cruis'n World MaxGibiansky Much like the actual game, it's a lot like Cruis'n USA, but slightly different. As in, did not start.
Crush Roller MaxGibiansky
Crypt Killer JayMarkello Does not work.
Crystal Castles JayMarkello PacMan but with Bears!!!
Crystal of Kings J.C. PreFrosh & AndreyShur Golden Axe on crack
Cuby Bop MaxGibiansky Never got what the scoring was
Cue Brick MaxGibiansky A game that actually makes sense
Curve Ball MaxGibiansky
Cutie Q MaxGibiansky
Cybattler MaxGibiansky and JayMarkello vertical scroller where you can turn
Cyber Cycles MaxGibiansky racing game with not visible background ?? Broken.
Cyber-Lip JayMarkello side scrolling shooter
CyberBall? JayMarkello Cant enter coins.
Cyberbots - Full Metal Maddness JayMarkello Robot fighting game
Cycle Shooting JayMarkello Gun Shooter
Cycle Warriors JayMarkello axe wielding motorcyclist.
Cyvern JayMarkello Dragons WITH LAZORS
D-Con JayMarkello space invaders on crack
D-Day ChrisFerguson
D.D. Crew JayMarkello street fighter
Daioh JayMarkello Very nice vertical scroller
Daisu-Kiss JayMarkello love sim
daitoride JayMarkello BrettMcLarnon (bad) competitive tile game
danchi de hanafuoda BrettMcLarnon undocumented card game
Dancing Eyes JayMarkello 3D Porn
Dangar ufo robo JayMarkello & BrettMcLarnon vert scroler
Danger Zone JayMarkello & BrettMcLarnon horrible gun shooter
Dangerous Dungeons AndreyShur & AlexMcAuley
Dangerous Seed MaxGibiansky Fun game! Kinda hard though, I couldn't beat the second level. Space shooter type thing.
Dangun Feveron MaxGibiansky
Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat MaxGibiansky Basic racing game which mostly seems to work
Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels AndrewFarmer Fighting game, kinda lame
Darius MaxGibiansky Widest...screen...Ever...
Darius Gaiden - Silver Haw... MaxGibiansky
Darius II MaxGibiansky Same as Darius
Dark Edge MaxGibiansky & AkashRakholia Bad 3D fighter
Dark Horse JayMarkello & BrettMcLarnon broken
Dark Planet BrettMcLarnon astroids but different
Dark Seal JayMarkello & BrettMcLarnon RPG
Dark Tower JayMarkello
Dark Warrior JayMarkello space invader like
Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors KevinYeung & AlexMcAuley Button mashing, good game
Darwin 4078 KevinYeung & AlexMcAuley Space shooter
Dazzler AlexMcAuley The bastard offspring of Pacman and Donkey Kong. And vultures.
Dead Angle AlexMcAuley Shoot gangsters.
Dead Connection ChrisFerguson You try to single handedly take down the mob
Dead Eye TimNguyen Spastic Controls
Dead or Alive TimNguyen & PeterTu Fighting Game
Deep, The PeterTu & TimNguyen Subhunt, yay
Defend the Terra Attack on the Red UFO MaxGibiansky
Defender MaxGibiansky
Demolition Derby MaxGibiansky Competitive bumper cars.
Demon KevinYeung It's like Asteroids but the things shoot back at you
Demon's World / Horror St MaxGibiansky
Depthcharge MaxGibiansky
Desert Breaker MaxGibiansky
Desert War / Wangan Sen ChrisFerguson
Devestators ChrisFerguson You can actually see your bullets arc to the ground.
Devil Fish ChrisFerguson Vaguely like Pacman
Devil World ChrisFerguson Apparently you can fall off the cliffs. Who knew?
Devil zone MaxGibiansky
Dharma Doujou JayMarkello knock blocks and try to get a row to match
Diamond Run JayMarkello exploding boulders!
Diet Go-Go ChrisFerguson You fight enemies by making them fat
Dig Dug AlexMcAuley OH GOD HOW DO I PLAY
Dig Dug II ChrisFerguson Like Dig Dug, but without the digging (or the dugging)
Digger AlexHagen
Dimahoo AlexHagen Another airplane game, but a cool one nonetheless.
Dingo AlexMcAuley & ChrisFerguson Pacman with dogs or dingos or something.
Dino Rex AlexMcAuley & ChrisFerguson DINO BATTLE RAAWRRRR!!! Wait, how do you attack? (worth further investigation)
Dirt Fox AlexMcAuley Racing game. The steering is broken, though, so you can only race yourself in a circle.
Disco Mahjong Otachidai n... AlexMcAuley Unplayable
Disco No.1 AlexMcAuley Trap women
Discs of Tron AlexMcAuley Throw discs at denizens of the future
Diver Boy AlexMcAuley & DanMoore Shoot Turtles and Submarines.
Do! Run Run AlexMcAuley Pacman's slower, dumber cousin
Dock Man AlexMcAuley Reverse Donkey Kong
DoDonPachi? AlexMcAuley most gun ever. highly recommended
Dog Fight AlexMcAuley Plane game. Difficult to see enemies' bullets
Dokaben ChrisFerguson An odd combination of a baseball game and a card game. In Japanese.
Domino Man SabreenLakhani "Push people to protect dominoes. Avoid the killer bee." gives you a random poem when you lose
Dominos ChrisFerguson Like snake, but when you die, all the dominos fall down!
Dommy ChrisFerguson Interesting mechanics. Try it
Don Den Lover Vol. 1 AlexMcAuley I think this is Go
Don Den Mahjong ChrisFerguson Basic Mahjong game
Don Doko Don ChrisFerguson You're old, and you have a hammer. Hit stuff
Donkey Kong ChrisFerguson Classic
Donkey Kong 3 HamsterBob Shoot pesticides at bugs and a big monkey
Donkey Kong Jr. HamsterBob Save daddy from the Evil Mario Clones!
DonPachi? ChrisFerguson & HamsterBob Plane fighter game
Dorodon ChrisFerguson & HamsterBob Amusing game with crazy difficulty curve
Double Axel AndreyShur MONSTER TRUCK GAME. The engine fell out, and the truck stopped working
Double Cheese ChrisFerguson & AndreyShur Like a slot machine, but with cheese!!!
Double Dragon ChrisFerguson The first boss is so manly, when he appears, he practically stops the game
Double Dragon (Different) ChrisFerguson Fighter game
Double Dragon 3 DmitriSkjorshammer Tough thug game but the movement is discrete and noobish
Double Dragon 2 (different) The Revenge DmitriSkjorshammer Similar to other Double Dragon games. Not much of an action game
Double Dribble DmitriSkjorshammer Basketball game where you can't run
Double Point DmitriSkjorshammer A game where you have to match pictures but only when no walls exist between them
DownTown? DmitriSkjorshammer Fight game, bird eye view. Hard to kill the opponent
Dr. Micro DmitriSkjorshammer Direct yourself through Dr. Micro's twisted world. 2D.
Dr. Tomy AlexMcAuley This is what Dr. Mario would be if Mario was the type of "doctor" to perform back-alley abortions
Dr. Toppel's Adventure MaxGibiansky Top-down-shooter-type game, but looks kinda wierd. Might be fun if I got the hang of it.
Drag Race MaxGibiansky Hard to control
Dragon Ball Z V.R.V.S. MaxGibiansky DBZ fighting game.
Dragon Blaze MaxGibiansky A space shooter but with DRAGONS.
Dragon Bowl MaxGibiansky Non-copyright infringing DBZ side scroller
Dragon Breed MaxGibiansky You get to RIDE a dragon in this one. And shoot stuff.
Dragon Buster MaxGibiansky Attempts to be an RPG?
Dragon Gun MaxGibiansky Appears to require a gun.
Dragon Master MaxGibiansky Fighting game. Nontrivial?
Dragon Punch MaxGibiansky fake "Mahjongg" or however you spell it game. Seems like it would be NotInTheLounge? if any progress was made.
Dragon Saber MaxGibiansky Another shooting dragon.
Dragon Spirit MaxGibiansky See dragon. See dragon shoot. Shoot, dragon, shoot! Fire ze missiles!
Dragon Unit/Castle? Of Dra... MaxGibiansky A slow guy in armor walking forward and swording things.
Dragon World MaxGibiansky More mahjongg.
Dragon World II MaxGibiansky Ditto.
Dragonball Z MaxGibiansky
Dragonball Z 2 Super Battle MaxGibiansky Max's power level was insufficient to defeat Goku.
Dragoon Might MaxGibiansky Fighting game.
Dramatic Adventure Quiz AndrewFarmer and AlanGilder Also titled as "Keith and Lucy"
Dream Shopper AndrewFarmer wtf.
Dream Soccer '94 GregBickerman AlanGilder ARGENTINA!!!!!!!
Drift Out '95 - The Hard Order AlanGilder
Drift Out GregBickerman
Driver's Edge ChrisFerguson A painfully slow racing game
Driving Force ChrisFerguson Oh my---invisible cars.
Dungeon Magic ChrisFerguson RPG (no, not a rocket propelled grenade
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara ChrisFerguson & KevinYeung It appears that Fnord does not have the "use spell/item" button. That sucks.
Dungeons & Dragons: Towers of Doom JoshuaEhrlich Slidescroller can play one of 4 classes clerics can't use swords.
Dunk Mania PeterTu & TimNguyen
Dunk Shot PeterTu & TimNguyen Oh god why would someone make a game in this perspective?
Dyger MaxGibiansky
Dyna Gear MaxGibiansky Very strange sidescroller.
Dynablaster / Bombermand MaxGibiansky It's bomberman!
Dynamic Country Club MaxGibiansky I think the "change clubs" button is the same as the "charge ur club" button. That's bad.
Dynamic Country Club MaxGibiansky Same game, same controls, but now has a caddy that's about as helpful as clippy.
Dynamic Dice MaxGibiansky A game of chance with dice and cards whose rules I never did figure out.
Dynamic Ski MaxGibiansky A ski jump game. Also never quite got the point or the controls.
Dynamite Duke MaxGibiansky Interesting game, though it looks like better controls would help.
Dynamic Dux MaxGibiansky Trippy sidescroller game.
Dynamite League MaxGibiansky Playable but kind of boring baseball game.
Dynasty Wars MaxGibiansky Another unusual sidescroller.
Dyno Bop MaxGibiansky This game appears to neither take credits nor have a "game over" state.
E-Jan High School MorganConbere We Won! It counts down from 999 never responding to any input
E-Swat Cyber Police MorganConbere & JenniRinker Pretty Good, we died a lot
E.D.F. Earth Defense Force MorganConbere & JenniRinker Solid space shooter with experience to gain power
Eagle Shot Golf MorganConbere GIVE UP!
Eco Fighter MorganConbere Basically amazing. Captain Planet meets Zero Wing
Egg Hunt MorganConbere Doctor Mario like game
Egg Venture MorganConbere Needs a gun to be played for realz.
Ehrgeiz MorganConbere Mahjong (sp?) game, couldn't play
Eight Ball Action MorganConbere Meh.
Eight Forces MorganConbere This Sucks! I'm not dying until I meet my Maker!"
Eight Man MorganConbere Wannabe side scoller punch'em. Not too good
Ejihon Tantei Jimusyo MorganConbere Doesn't work. I might have seen "game over" in Japanese...
The Electric Yoyo MorganConbere Bad yoyo game
Elevator Action MorganConbere Silly man with gun on elevator
Elevator Action Returns MorganConbere Better game than first. Fun sidescroller
Eliminator MorganConbere Like Asteroids, but much worse
Emeraldia MorganConbere 1st Mr. Ninja
Empire City: 1931 MorganConbere "Insert coin if you want to play continuously"
Empire Strikes Back, The AlexMcAuley Wasn't made for joystick
End, The AlexMcAuley This is basically space invaders
Enduro Racer AlexMcAuley Motocross - difficult to make checkpoints
Enforce AlexMcAuley Shoot stuff while moving - pretty cool
Enigma 2 AlexMcAuley I don't know how this works
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters AlexMcAuley Not as cool as it sounds
Escape Kids AlexMcAuley Foot racing
ESP Ra.De. AlexMcAuley shooting game
Espial JoshuaRay standard space fighter. with air to ground bombs
Evil Stone JoshuaRay strange top-down platformer
Evolution Soccer TimNguyen & PeterTu Fairly decent soccer game
Excelsior TimNguyen & PeterTu RhymesWithCorn. Might die before you reach that part though.
Exciting Soccer MadeleineOng needs less fail.. characters are directionally challenged
Exed Exes MadeleineOng Usual ship game, shooting stuff with bullets and whatnot
Exerion MadeleineOng Shooter ship game of fail
Extermination AndreyShur & BobChen
Exterminator PeterTu & TimNguyen WHAT?
Extra Bases PeterTu Baseball!
Extreme downhill PeterTu EXTREME!
Exvania PeterTu Bomberman D&D style
Exzisus PeterTu Jetpack game
Eyes PeterTu Pacman...with eyes.
F-1 Dream PeterTu
F-1 Dream Part II PeterTu I think i'm dizzy now
F-1 Dream Star II AndrewFarmer Completely unrelated to the above two.
F-1 Exhaust Note AndrewFarmer Step pedal to input. PEDAL? Nothing mapped.
Face Off PeterTu Cannot move.
Fairy Land Story, The PeterTu
Fancy World - Earth of Crisis PeterTu Chicken Blasting.
Fantasia DmitriSkjorshammer An OK game that combines skillful use of the joy stick with visual enhancements in the form of nude girls.
Fantasia II DmitriSkjorshammer A better game than its parent, Fantasia.
Fantasy '95 DmitriSkjorshammer Indeed one of the better games out there. This game is unique in that it features omnisex options for players.
Fantasy Land PeterTu Kind of fun actually.
Fantasy Zone PeterTu Weird shooter this is.
Far East Of Eden - Kabuki Klash AndrewFarmer I'm sorry, but my wife is the only woman for me. I treat all others as men.
Fast Lane DanaJensen & MarquisWang Not actually that bad of a game
Faster Harder More Challenging Q*bert MarquisWang I never want to see this game again
Fatal Fury 1 JoshuaRay
Fatal Fury 2 JoshuaRay
Fatal Fury 3 JoshuaRay
Fatal Fury Special JoshuaRay
Fax AdamField & JoshuaEhrlich Really lame trivia game
Field Day AdamField & JoshuaEhrlich No clue... also, after we played a game, the screen flipped upside down
Fight Fever AdamField & JoshuaEhrlich standard cheap Street Fighter clone
Fighter & Attacker AdamField & JoshuaEhrlich Ding. Fairly standard 2d air shooter.
Fighting Basketball AdamField & JoshuaEhrlich Awful. Also, there doesn't seem to be any actual fighting.
Fighting Golf AdamField & JoshuaEhrlich Player 2 is glitchy.
Fighting Hawk JoshuaEhrlich Fairly standard 2d air shooter, no two player option
Fighting Layer TrevinMurakami Typical one on one fighting game but with more advanced graphics. The lag, the lag ...
Fighting Roller TrevinMurakami
Fighting Soccer TrevinMurakami More soccer....
Final Blow AdamField Crappy boxing game
Final Fight AdamField Mediocre 2d sidescroll/fighting game
Final Lap AdamField Controls don't work?
Final Lap R AdamField "Step on the pedal to start" (i.e. unplayable)
Final Round, the AdamField "Hit the button! Waggle the lever!" Pretty lame boxing game
Final Star Force AdamField Standard top-down space shooter. Balances ridiculously broken powerups with "if you die once, sucks to be you"
Final Tetris AdamField one v. one Tetris, fairly standard... controls kinda suck
Finalizer: Super Transformation AdamField Crappy top-down space shooter... also, ding.
Finest Hour AdamField "This game is for use exclusively in Japan". "Game to an end of introduction!" You'd think a platformer where you can fly would be cool, but in this case, not so much.
Fire Battle MaxGibiansky Lame.
Fire Trap MaxGibiansky, AdamField, AndrewFarmer The controls are ridiculous. Uses buttons 5 and 6 on player 2. It is indeed a trap.
Fire Truck MaxGibiansky Controls like a truck. CRUNch!!
The First Funky Fighter AdamField, AndrewFarmer Requires numeric keypad
FixEight? AdamField, MaxGibiansky Kinda trippy shooter.
Flame Gunner AdamField, MaxGibiansky 3D graphics! Really lame shooter, and the controls are kinda wonky
Flash Point AdamField, MaxGibiansky Tetris variant, where the goal is to clear one shiny block from an initial configuration. Not bad.
Flashgal ColleenSullivan SFW, surprisingly.
Flicky ColleenSullivan Way to cute for its own good.
Flip & Flop ColleenSullivan Joystick froze twice.
Flower ColleenSullivan Space shooter. Against invading flowers.
Fly-Boy ChrisFerguson You play as as a very happy hang-glider
Flying Shark ChrisFerguson No Sharks. :-(
Food Fight ChrisFerguson Throw food at people. When you die, you get covered in food.
Football Frenzy AlexMcAuley Loss of Yards!
Forgotton Worlds AlexMcAuley Hard
Formation Z AlexMcAuley Destroy aliens weapon
Forty-Love AlexMcAuley I got beat 40-Love
Four Trax AlexMcAuley You can't even move forward
Free Kick AlexMcAuley Can't insert credit - it looks like a cool soccer/breakout hybrid though
Freeze MaxwellLee sucks
Frenzy MaxwellLee controls are bad...
Frisky Tom ChrisFerguson Not as sketchy as it sounds
Frogger MaxGibiansky It's Frogger.
Frogs MaxGibiansky You jump and catch butterflies. Kinda boring, and lasts a while.
Front Line MaxGibiansky Horrible controls.
Funky Bee MaxGibiansky A space shooter, except you're a bee and have to poke flowers.
Funky Fish MaxGibiansky A fish which shoots.
Funky Jet MaxGibiansky This game is indeed funky.
Funny Bubble MaxGibiansky RhymesWithCorn, and also a boring, too easy, and unfunny game.
Funny Mouse MaxGibiansky
Future Spy MaxGibiansky A shooter, but this one is DIAGONAL. Ooh, diagonal.
G-Darius JeremyWestfahl and MattKeeter Entertaining shooter with some neat ideas
G-LOC Air Battle JeremyWestfahl Disorienting air combat game.
Gaia Crusaders MaxGibiansky Sidescrolling fighting game. Playable.
Gaiapolis MaxGibiansky Topscrolling fighting game. Boring. I only get one move.
Gain Ground MaxGibiansky Nontrivial, playable, and kind of fun "archery" game.
Galactic Warriors MaxGibiansky Horribly lame robot fighting game
Galaga '88 MaxGibiansky Galaga, but '88.
Galaga MaxGibiansky Like Galaga '88, but without the '88
Galaxian ColleenSullivan
Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors ColleenSullivan Fighting game
Galaxy Force 2 ColleenSullivan Sprite version of Starfox. Kinda fun.
Galaxy Gunners SkyeBerghel I played it and forgot the name. It's kind of like Phoenix on crack, for those who have played Phoenix. Fun.
Galaxy Wars PeterTu Utterly incomprehensible.
Galivan - Cosmo Police PeterTu Sidescrolling shooter.
Gallop Racers SkyeBerghel There are horses. It's in Japanese. I can't quite figure it out.
Gallop Racers 3 SkyeBerghel There are still horses. There is less Japanese. Still incompresensible to Anglophones.
Galmedes SkyeBerghel Sidescroller. You walk and attack things. Like Mario, minus fun, plus robots.
Gals Hustler ArenOlson Some kind of billiards-like game. Despite name, does not appear to RhymeWithCorn?.
Gals Panic ArenOlson I believe the following 5 games can also only be played by DmitriSkjorshammer, for the same reasons as Fantasia.
Gals Panic 4 - "
Gals Panic S - Extra Edition - "
Gals Panic S2 AkashRakholia and DanCiliske "
Gals Pinball AkashRakholia and DanCiliske
Game Master ArenOlson Galaga-like
Games v18.2 ArenOlson Games collection, menu works but no button seems to be 'enter', so unplayable
Games v18.7C ArenOlson unplayable, see above
Games v25,4X ArenOlson unplayable, see above
Ganbare Ginkun ArenOlson in japanese, can't figure out controls. managed to run into a pond three times
Gang Busters ArenOlson
Gang Wars ArenOlson
Ganryu JoshuaEhrlich Side scroller kill ninjas
Gaplus JulianEvans Galaga clone
Gardia JulianEvans Interesting space shooter
Garogun Seroyang JulianEvans Korean crossword
Garou - Mark of the Wolves MaxGibiansky Fighter which is actually pretty playable.
Garyo Retsuden MaxGibiansky Playable.
Gauntlet MaxGibiansky Does not start.
Gauntlet Dark Legacy MaxGibiansky "
Gauntlet II MaxGibiansky "
Gauntlet Legends MaxGibiansky "
Gee Bee MaxGibiansky Beepy brickball.
Gekirindan MaxGibiansky Space shooter,
Gemini Wing MaxGibiansky Space shooter where you fight INSECTS. A very buggy game.
Genix Family MaxGibiansky Shoot the balls
Genpei Toumaden JeremyWestfahl Oh shit it's a metroid!!!!
Ghost Hunter MaxGibiansky Requires a gun, but still easy.
Ghost Pilots MaxGibiansky plane shooter thing
Ghostlop JeremyWestfahl You blow up ghosts on a puzzle-bobble-like map.
Ghostmuncher Galaxian JeremyWestfahl A pacman clone that even borrows the AI from the original pacman.
Ghosts'n Goblins MaxGibiansky You walk and throw LANCES. Jumping doesn't work as easily as it should.
Ghoul Panic JeremyWestfahl Does not work.
Ghouls'n Ghosts MaxGibiansky Slightly modified Ghosts'n Goblins.
GI Joe JeremyWestfahl Kinda easyish... took too long.
GigaWing? MaxGibiansky Space shooter.
Gigandes JeremyWestfahl SIDEWAYS space shooter.
Gigas MaxGibiansky Brickball with twitchy controls.
Gigas Mark II JeremyWestfahl Same thing.
Gimme A Break MaxGibiansky Pool.
Ginga NinkyouDen? JeremyWestfahl Weird beat-em up.
Gionbana MaxGibiansky Japanese card game. Don't know the rules.
" " "
Gladiator JeremyWestfahl Walk and autoshield FTW.
Gladiator 1984 MaxGibiansky Horse race game, actually.
Go Go Mr. Yamaguchi / Yuki Yuki JeremyWestfahl A game. Involves walking and shooting.
Go Go Mile Smile LeeWiyninger Strange Pacman-like game with a snake made of birds and a princess named Area.
Goal! Goal! Goal! ColleenSullivan Soccer
Goalie Ghost ColleenSullivan 3D Pong
Goindol WilliamGrabill Brick breaker with dinosaurs
Gokujyou Parodius WilliamGrabill Gradius parody
Gold Bug WilliamGrabill Digger game
Gold Medalist ColleenSullivan Stupid Olympics game
Golden Axe EricAleshire Ye olde side-scroller beat-em-up.
Golden Axe - the Duel WilliamGrabill Ye olde 2D fighter spin-off (Eric doesn't get his name here because he sucked.)
Golden Axe II WilliamGrabill & EricAleshire Ye olde side-scroller sequel. Game actually beaten.
Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder JeremyWestfahl Doesn't start.
Golden Crown AlexHagen Some sort of betting game
Golden Fire II AlexHagen doesn't work.
Golden Par Golf EricAleshire And so it begins... this one redraws the screen all the time. Annoying.
Golden Star EricAleshire Broken foreign slot machine. "Coin Jam".
Golden Tee '97 LeeWiyninger Originally a trackball game, and is thus annoying to play.
Golden Tee '98 EricAleshire Protip: The max you can hit is about 1/4 your posted distance. Broken!
Golden Tee '99 AndrewFarmer Fuck you, Golden Tee.
Golden Tee 2K LeeWiyninger Another perfect game for masochists.
Again, refer to FnordCompletionRunContinued for more.

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